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High Velocity Restoration specializes in Water Damage, Sewage Cleanup and Mold Remediation.

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Mold Remediaiton

Mold Remediation

First it's important to understand that mold is a natural organism that is present abundantly outdoors. It serves an important purpose such as decomposing organic materials, such as wood and plant materials, for example. The problem is however, that mold will sometimes invade our homes, where this is...

Sewage Cleanup

Sewage Cleanup

Out of all the types of potential water damage that can occur and they are all devastating sewage water damage creates even greater risks. Sewage cleanup should never be attempted by anyone other than experts in the field. The affiliated hazards that come with sewage flood disaster can include...

Water Damage Removal

Water Damage Removal

Water Damage Removal is not always something that presents itself as an instant disaster. It can go unobserved for weeks or months before the signs of its destruction occur. This can, and most often includes the presences of mold and mildew. Whether this is the case, or it’s a sudden water...

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We got our start in the Industry as carpet cleaners. Over the years we have added additional services in order to meet our clients needs. We have been in the Restoration Industry for some time and our clients are of the utmost importance to us. We strive to offer excellent service while maintaining a relationship with all our customers. Our foundation is structured around communication, speed, quality and sharing knowledge. We know by communicating with our customers and anyone else involved that we can set proper expectations and give our customers peace of mind in a normally stressful situation.
Mold Remediaiton

First it's important to understand that mold is a natural organism that is present abundantly outdoors. It serves an important purpose such as decomposing organic materials, such as wood and plant materials, for example.

The problem is however, that mold will sometimes invade our homes, where this is not their natural environment, and this can then create a hazardous situation for one's health and can also be very destructive to the home components. These situations demand the need for mold removal.

What mold likes
Mold proliferates well in temperatures between 68 to 86°F

Mold enjoys non-moving air that has become stagnant
To feed on, it requires a diet of natural fibers and soil, but will also eat well on paper, such as the drywall in your home for sample

High humidity is a friend to mold
If these conditions are present for only a short period of time, up to 48 hours, then there is not much of a concern, as mold will not start to form until after this period of time, at which time mold removal steps will need to be taken.

Eliminating the mold with professional mold removal procedures
If you are experiencing high moisture content in your home, then be aware that mold could start to proliferate at any time. Once this occurs it is near impossible to perform mold removal with the regular cleaning activities. The first step that must be taken is to eliminate the agreeable conditions that the mold is thriving on, and then have professionals perform mold removal services.

Quite often, homeowners buying a home do not realize the dangers of mold, and do not carry out an adequate inspection for this potential condition. It's only after moving into the home that they discover that there is a mold problem, and are then at a loss as to what to do for the mold removal. It is dangerous to make attempts to use household cleaning products to eradicate the mold, as it can become airborne and can create respiratory problems as well as other health conditions. The moment that mold is identified then calling the professionals becomes a priority.

Mold removal with household disinfectant cleaners may mask the problem, however we must be reminded that mold are spores, which can get into areas that are not seen, and continue to proliferate. Our technicians who specialize in mold remediation are highly trained in the identification of mold, and its total removal and destruction.

Some individuals are under the impression that that they can simply paint over mold and this will eradicate the mold, and rectify the problem, which is a fallacy. The results from this will be that the mold will continue to grow under the newly painted surface, and within a short time the paint will begin to peel as the mold continues to grow.

The Story About Mold
Everyone in life is subjected to mold and for the most part it doesn't pose a problem. It will infiltrate indoors when it finds the right survival conditions, such as wet damp areas where it can thrive. Once it gets to this stage is when it can become a problem in destroying components of your home or business, and also can have serious effects on your health and general well being. It can affect many areas of the human body and create various health symptoms as well.

Often individuals suffering from allergies and asthmas are not aware that mold could be the root cause of the allergies, or that it makes allergic conditions far worse. The same can be said for asthma. Another fact that many are not aware of is that there are various levels of the types of effects that mold can have on the health of a person.

Now after understanding the seriousness of mold and mildew invasion, it makes more sense why the intricate and detailed services that High Velocity Restoration offers is so important.

Our credibility in mold removal is based on:

Certified mold remediation experts
Each of our mold experts are certified as being specialists in identifying mold, the safe mold removal and mold remediation procedures.

Experts in their field
Our mold consultants are experts at quickly being able to identify the types of molds present, and the source of the mold invasion.

Experienced in mold remediation
Our mold technicians have built up many years of combined experience, which is most valuable in the mold removal process, as every case is unique.

Professionals at their job
Our mold remediation experts know how to go about their responsibilities of mold removal and mold remediation in a professional manner. The health of you and your family or business immediately becomes their top priority once they are assigned to your needs.

Mold Removal and Remediation Procedure

  1. A High Velocity Mold Remediation Specialist will arrive on site and perform an assessment as to the extent of the mold invasion, and identify the source.
  2. Recommendations and assistance will be provided in locating a third party specialty service for preparation of a formal mold report. Our experts will carry out explanation of the completed report.
  3. The area will be contained to prevent the escape of mold spores, which could cause further health hazards. This is done by sealing off the area with polyethylene sheeting, and implementing negative pressure with HPA filtration systems. All air vents are sealed.
  4. The cause of the mold will be removed.
  5. Safe handling and removal of the mold and its contaminated area will be removed.
  6. A drying process will be implemented and the applicable professional products will be utilized.
  7. Mold remediation procedures are implemented in the affected areas.
  8. Third party testing will be conducted to ensure that the area is now mold free and has once again become a safe living and/or working environment.

Our Mold Remediation Services are extensive, thorough and give you 100% satisfaction in a job well done, and peace of mind in knowing you chose the right company to protect the safety of your family and or business